Hill running FAQs
Some frequently asked beginner fell running questions and answers.

Hill running FAQs

Q What if I get lost?
A When the mist comes down it is essential to know how to relocate yourself or, if all else fails, how to get off the hills in safety. This is where having a map and compass and knowing how to use them becomes VITAL for your safety.

Q What if I find I can't finish the race?
A You must always tell a marshal at one of the check points or report to the race organiser at the finish if you are dropping out and where you are going. Imagine a large, hairy and unhappy group of mountain rescue team members scanning the hillsides for your body, then finding you snug in a pub because you hadn't told anyone you had dropped out... scary prospect!

Q What 'rough ground' can I expect?
A The geology of the ground affects the terrain you run on. The peaty Dark Peak is different to the sharp Scottish highlands. The variety is all part of the spice of hill running.


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