How to tackle Spartan Race obstacles
Failure at an obstacle in a Spartan Race leads to the dreaded 30 burpees - follow this advice from Race Director Karl Allsop to give yourself the best chance of avoiding a penalty.

How to tackle Spartan Race obstacles

Combining running with an obstacle course, Spartan Races require participants to push themselves to their limit and show great determination to get to complete the race.

All our courses are outside, and varied. You’ll be running, climbing, crawling, jumping, carrying and maybe even swimming.
At Spartan Race, the obstacles are the star of the show and you will need to have upper and lower body strength to reach the finish line.

Failure at an obstacle means 30 burpees, not be taken lightly. Here’s how to try and avoid that penalty…

Wall Jump

Objective: Scale the 8ft wall with your bare hands.

Getting over the wall requires strength in your back and triceps. We suggest a running start for this one as you want your momentum will guide you over.

A graceful landing is optional!

Atlas Stone Carry

Objective: Pick up the heavy stone, carry it to a marker, complete five burpees. Then carry the stone back to where you found it.

Atlas stone carry

Lifting this bad boy is tough enough, but carrying is the real test

You will need to have great squat form as lifting the stone requires you to get low to the ground.

Ensure you lift with your legs and keep your back straight. You’ll need to move swiftly. Your burpee form should be impeccable, chest to the ground and feet off the ground to make it count.

Rope Climb

Objective: Climb the rope to the top, ring a bell to announce completion and descend in a controlled fashion. How hard can it be?

This obstacle is all about technique and legs, rather than arm strength as you might think.

Lift your arms high, jump upwards and pull yourself up while lifting your knees.

Lock your feet around the rope in an S grip.

Rope climb

Extend your legs and lock around the rope once more. You can move your arms up once your feet are securely locked in.

When descending, again use your legs. They should act as a karabiner as you slowly lower yourself to the ground.

Rinse and repeat and you’ll be at the top in no time.

The minimum number of obstacles you face when competing at a Spartan Race is 15, so you’ll need to have wits about you to handle the rest of the pack - keep checking back here for more advice during the year.
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