Training for mud runs and obstacle races
Combining a run with obstacles that can range from a cargo net or a mud crawl to a giant slide takes an all-round set of skills.

Training for mud runs and obstacle races

To help you on your way we’ve enlisted the help of Freya Martin, the UK's number one female obstacle course racer, to guide you through a training regime for OCR success...

Run, run then run some more!

Allocate a significant portion of your training to running. It will help if this is race specific, so try to train on similar surfaces and distances.

Leg strength is not just achieved by pushing weights. Running on hills, through long grass, over sand or in water are good examples of ways to boost strength, agility and all round fitness in this area.  

Hop, skip and jump

Many obstacles will require explosive movements to get over so building plyometrics into your training plan will help you greatly.

Hopping, high knee skipping and running, squat jumps and of course, the dreaded burpee, will help boost your muscle power.

Build your upper body strength   

Monkey bars and other hanging obstacles can be common in OCRs, so building your upper body strength is essential.

Pull-ups, bicep curls, chest flys, tricep dips and shoulder presses are all great exercises at boosting your strength in this area.

Know what you’re up against

Knowledge is power they say, and knowing the obstacles you will face on race day will help focus your training and reassure some of those worries!

Most race websites will list the obstacles you will come up against, which will help you tailor your training accordingly.

Cross train

OCRs require many aspects of fitness, and mixing up your training will help to ensure the whole body gets attention.

Include a mixture of running and strength and conditioning in your training plan. Circuit training such as British Military Fitness is an ideal way of incorporating the strength and conditioning suggestions made here.
Also read How to tackle OCR obstacles by multiple race winner Thomas Blanc. 

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