How to train for a half marathon
Follow these 10 pointers from our team of experts to maximise your training gains ahead of your half marathon.

How to train for a half marathon



SOSLook after your feet
Upping the distance makes your choice of footwear even more important. "Think seriously about a pair of new trainers but don’t change them too close to the main run," says the College of Podiatry's Matthew Fitzpatrick.
Running shoe advice
TortoiseAvoid blisters
Blisters can a runner's worst nightmare and seriously slow you down so check out these handy hints to prevent/treat them.
Avoiding blisters
Warm up Always warm up
"Make sure you always warm up before your runs. Try to incorporate a dynamic warm-up which features lunges, shoulder rolls and ankle circles." Becca Hayden, Enfield & Haringey runner and ambassador for Deep Heat and Deep Freeze
Warm up/cool down advice
Run lessRun less
"Spend less time running early on and focus instead on strength training, which you can do in 45 minute sessions. It’s a much more efficient use of your valuable time as it helps with endurance." Alex Chaple, Men’s Health personal trainer of the year 2013
Cross training for runners
RestRest up
"Build up gradually, giving your body time to respond, adjust and - most importantly - recover during rest days." David Hellard, British Military Fitness Race Team
Rest and recovery for runners
TechniqueImprove your technique
Running coach Malcolm Balk advises you to ‘run tall’, look forward rather than down, keep your weight towards the front of each foot and use your arms – all will improve your half marathon time.
How to master the art of running
RemindersGentle reminders
"Keep a little diary of how you’re getting on. By seeing your progress written down you will feel motivated to keep up your training." Becca Hayden, Enfield & Haringey runner and ambassador for Deep Heat and Deep Freeze


NutritionGet your nutrition right
"We would recommend a macro split of 50:30:20 of Carbs: Protein: Fat to allow effective endurance training but you'll need to try different splits and see what works for you." Oliver Cookson, CEO/Founder of
Nutrition advice
HydrationStay hydrated
"Hydration's not just about fluids, sodium is the main electrolyte lost when you sweat so maintaining the levels in your bloodstream is critical to sustaining performance." Andy Blow, founder of Precision Hydration
Half marathon hydration advice
Final countdownRace-day strategy
Tapering means easing off your training just before the big day - Olympian Toby Garbett says it makes a huge difference to your performance.
How to taper Dealing with nerves Recovery tips
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