Half Marathon
Sat 19 Oct 2024 Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, UK

Running Tribe Races | Half Marathon

A new and unique concept where you turn up ready to conquer a Half Marathon but if you're feeling great tackle a Marathon, or go easy and run a cool 10km depending on how you feel on the day!

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  • Sat 19 Oct 2024
Chalfont St Peter Cricket Club, Gerrards Cross

Half Marathon



Age 17 & over

  • 13.1 miles multi terrain running


Show up, give it your best and see where your legs take you!

A flexible running event that allows you to decide your distance on the day, or even mid-race, depending on how you feel.

If you're flying like a rocket and feel like challenging yourself to a marathon - go for it! If you want to keep the pressure off, drop down a distance. You'll still earn your medal.


  • Run your race, your way
  • Decide your distance on the day or even mid-race
  • Push yourself - find out what you're capable of
  • Go easy on yourself - relax and keep it fun
  • Every distance is celebrated equally
  • Tackle one or more 10.6km loops
  • Well-stocked aid station in each loop
  • Test out fuelling techniques and running gear
  • Part of a series - develop your running

Don’t start another race feeling under pressure. Sign up for a Running Tribe event today, relax and run your own race.

This event is part of Running Tribe Races.

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  • All fitness levels
  • Event village
  • Newcomers

How it works

  • Step 1 | Enter

    Choose your distance


    Everything will be confirmed in an email.

  • STEP 3 | RUN

    Show up, give it your best and see where your legs take you!

Event series

  • 30 Nov 2024
  • 14 Dec 2024
  • 25 Jan 2025
  • 22 Feb 2025


Event history

Running Tribe events were borne out of the frustrations of founder Steve who, after completing 77 miles over 23 hours ended up walking away with nothing to show for his efforts after succumbing to an old injury. Running Tribe events are a bit different.

Race training can be relentless but necessary to perform your very best on the day. You know you run better relaxed but sleep, nutrition and even that niggling injury all have to be in check too! In truth, there’s a lot that can get in the way of you finishing your full race distance. And when that happens, it’s gutting. Worse still, the distance you do manage to cover doesn’t count for anything. No medal, no congrats. Just the shame of handing over your number and slipping back to the car park empty-handed. Running Tribe thinks that’s wrong and are changing it, one race at a time.

Race & Train

Running Tribe courses are circular routes of a minimum of 10.6k and you can attempt as many loops as you feel able to on the day. You’ll have one of the best-stocked aid stations on the events circuit, packed with everything from baked goodies to energy gels and, as your kit bag will always within reasonable reach you can use your pitstop to test out different fuelling techniques and running gear along the way.

  • Bag storage
  • Park

Event HQ

Chalfont St Peter Cricket Club
Chalfont Park
Chalfont Saint Peter
Gerrards Cross

  • 2 laps
  • Check points
  • Distance markers
  • First aid
  • Food stations
  • Marshals
  • Toilets
  • Undulating
  • Water stations
  • Way markers

There are 3 exciting courses in the Running Tribe series to help keep it varied and interesting. Each loop is 10.8km on public footpaths and through woods.

  • 80% trail
  • 20% road


  • Bring your own cup
  • Public transport links

  • Medal
  • T-shirt


  • Awards

    Finisher medal and t-shirt. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place male and female.

  • Medic

    There will be at least one fully trained medic on standby. 

  • Crew

    Crew members can be at any point along the course.

  • Aid station

    At the start/finish line with water, soft drinks and vegan/vegetarian food.

Finishers medal

Whether you manage to finish an ultra marathon, marathon, half or 10K, the distance you run will be celebrated, no matter what you set out to complete originally. That way, no matter what kept you up the night before, there’s still a reason to turn up and give it your everything.


  • Age 17 & over
  • Entries open
  • Enter online
  • Series discount
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Enter with a friend, partner or team to save 33% on entries.

Race bundles

  • 1 race for £52

    Medal, t-shirt, finishing time, food and drink.

  • 3 races for £104

    Medal, t-shirt, finishing time, food and drink.

  • Annual membership £60 (best value)

    Medal, t-shirt, finishing time, food and drink, 1 free race, 50% discount on all races in series, free bandana headband (worth £10).


Race for free as a running tribe volunteer.

By volunteering, you’ll earn free entry into any future race or races of your choice:

  • 5 hours help = 1 race
  • 9 hours help = 2 races 

Entry fees

Entry fee


I had an excellent experience with the running tribe February race! The format of multiple laps with a well-stocked food stop at base camp every 10km was just perfect for training run or for someone to complete their PB distance! I would highly recommend entering and running your distance! Gavin D

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