Top three beginner skydives to help you live for the moment
With a new skydiving world record of 57 women in formation, we celebrate National Ride the Wind Day with our top three beginner tandem skydives.

Top three beginner skydives to help you live for the moment

Do you ever 100% live for the moment? Do you regularly feel overwhelmed by the challenges of daily life? It could be time to delve into the adrenaline-filled world of skydiving which will leave your insides buzzing from the sheer mix of emotions and leave you feeling empowered by conqering something which previously seemed impossible.

New world record

At the beginning of August 2018, fifty-seven women from nineteen different countries came together in Ukraine to set a new skydiving world record. They jumped at very precise times from three planes and changed formation three times within ninety seconds!

30 minutes training

Pro-skydivers like these women will train in much the same way as other sportspeople - working on the strength and flexibility of the entire body but especially the core so that the back can bend and hold position during freefall. Not to mention the hours of rigorous coaching and assessment in order to be a competent soloist.

It's a different story for first-timers who rock up and train for 30 minutes before heading to the skies - ideal if you want to achieve something big but don't have time to commit to training. All beginnner 'tandem' jumps you have an experienced instructor strapped to your back making sure everything runs like clockwork so you get maximum thrill with absolutely no experience necessary.

Airfield near you

We're lucky to have so many participating airfields across the UK making your thrilling jump just a couple of hours away. These include Cornwall, Honiton, Swansea, Salisbury, Maidstone, Perthshire, Swindon, Brackley, Cambridgeshire, Norwich, Whitchurch, Nottingham, Brigg, Bridlington, Lancaster, Grange-over-Sands, Durham, Coleraine and St. Andrews.

National Ride the Wind Day

In August, National Ride the Wind Day commemorates the anniversary of the first human-powered flight. To celebrate this here are our top three skydives guaranteed to get you the feel-good factor:

1. Views over the Lake District

There are spectacular views, then there are spectacular views over England's largest national park from 11,000ft up! This is why we love The Christie's annual jump in support of cancer patients.

Skydive for The Christie

2. Anytime, anywhere

Transform a yawnsome weekend into a pawsome weekend as you jump for PDSA on a date of your choice at your nearest airfield. What could be more wooftastic?

Pawsome jumps for PDSA

3. Be Brave for Britain

One of the most fun ways you can show your appreciation to the Armed Forces! Join Skydive Saturday and support Britain's Bravest.
Be Brave for Britain

Jump whilst it's warm

You'll have noticed that the light nights are getting shorter, so if you're considering a jump make sure it's before the cold air sets in mid-November.

A better you

Don't miss this opportunity of a massive adrenaline rush resulting in long-lasting positivity - as you share your experience with everyone you meet for months to come!


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