London to Paris FAQs
All the most important London to Paris bike ride frequently asked questions are answered here...

London to Paris FAQs

How hard is it?
Clearly this depends on which route you choose, how long you allow and what sort of bike you ride. But certain things hold true for most routes – the section in England features some testing climbs and heavier traffic, while wind can be more of a factor on the flatter and more exposed sections in northern France but drivers are generally far more respectful of bike riders. Remember it’s a challenge so isn’t intended to be easy and that’s reflected in the sense of achievement and satisfaction when you complete it.

When’s the best time to do it?
It's rideable pretty much throughout the year but in terms of warmer temperatures and drier conditions, the months to focus on are April through to October. In terms of the days to choose, just be aware of French bank holidays (12 in total each year) and the fact that supermarkets and shops have limited opening hours on Sundays. If doing one of the more scenic Dieppe to Paris routes it's worth bearing in mind that Wednesdays can be patchy in terms of opening hours for shops and cafes in the Bray region.

So what’s the weather like? 
The average temperatures in Paris for April to October range from 11 degrees Celsius up to 20, while the rainfall is between 16 and 25 millimeters (lowest in September). There’s not a huge difference in the climate between northern France (though the roads can be quite exposed) and southern England but you should be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you. However do resist the urge to overpack.
What sort of roads feature?
Again, this is dependent on the chosen route but most trips will use roads with relatively light traffic. Sometimes there’s no option but to pass through busy areas but on an organised trips you’ll often ride as a group at this point and with support vehicles.

What type of bike should I ride?
A road bike will enable you to cover the distance more quickly and is usually the best option, especially if you are on an organised trip where your luggage is being transported between hotels/B&Bs. However if you are carrying your own kit then a hybrid bike with panniers could be the best solution - more details on the benefits of each are in our equipment section. You can even ride it on a Boris bike if you so desire...

Can you do it in reverse? Absolutely. The Avenue Verte is signposted both ways and several organised trips also start in Paris.
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